What's Happening at Kinetic?

Cantina Carnitas to cook up 6ft Resident Evil Themed Burrito at Kinetic

Now there’s a headline!! and there’s not much more to it really. Cantina Carnitas, Kinetic Hitchin’s pop-up maestros of all things Mexican, have been asked by Capcom (yes, that Capcom, of Street Fighter arcade machine fame) to create a 6ft, Resident Evil inspired burrito. Said Burrito is to be rolled in the Carnita’s winter home; The Handle Bar Coffee bar inside Kinetic Hitchin. So, if you’re about Friday and want to sample some T-Virus hot sauce then get involved. The whole thing is also to be recorded by a film crew for posterity. Friday no good for you? then pop down to Kinetic Hitchin between 11:30 and 15:00 saturday for the Carnita’s usual awesome Mexican fare plus a secret special for this week only. Adios Amigos!



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