Singular Cycles was established in 2006 by me, Sam Alison. It is the result of my lifelong passion for bikes and a vision for a unique, functional and beautiful frame design; and an equally unique and functional business model. A background in financial services marketing was preceded by many years working in bike shops, ski shops and as a cycle courier while studying. Originally from Australia, I’ve now spent the past 10 years in Europe, the first four of those in the Czech Republic where I met my now wife.

I moved to the UK in 2005 and the first thing I bought with my nice sterling pay-cheque was a 29er. I liked the big wheels, but there were many aspects of the design I was less than enamoured with. Subsequently I had discussions with a number of custom framebuilders, none of which were prepared to do quite what I was after. So I got in touch with a few manufacturers in Taiwan to get a couple of ‘sample’ frames built. The best of those were from the company I continue to use today. These were ready and built for SSUK ’06, where I was delighted to receive a very positive reaction to my new frames, and also meet many like minded souls. What was then going through my head as a faint possibility started to form into a stronger idea for my own company and brand.

So the first batch of 100 Swifts was ordered and arrived in January 2007. Then came the Peregrine in 2008, Hummingbird later the same year, and Gryphons in 2009. 2010 saw me go full time with Singular after taking redundancy from my previous job in London. The Kite ‘cross bike and Osprey road bike arrived in 2011 to give the range a nice shape across the primary cycling disciplines. As always, there are new projects in mind, the Buzzard all-mountain 29er and a redesigned 26″/650b are planned for 2012.

From the outset I’ve wanted to have a network of dealers which have an affinity with the Singular brand like the kind of frames I produce. There are now over 20 shops I work with across the world so that it’s possible to see (and in most cases try) a Singular before you buy. I aim to continue to eschew the typical bike industry distribution model and sell either direct to customers through the website, or via a growing network of trusted dealers.

Singular is an owner operated business with one employee, me – and I plan for it to stay that way. I do design,
sales, marketing, logistics, accounting and everything in between.

Large Pegasus Demo Bike Available

Large Buzzard Demo Bike Available

Large Gryphon Demo Bike Available

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