Bike Fitting

Kinetic Cycles offers a complete and professional Bike Fitting service utilising the Specialized BG Fit system.  A Bike Fit aims to increase comfort, performance and endurance on the bike whilst helping prevention and treatment of injuries.  Alongside the fitting, we will provide a full postural assessment with the aim to not only fit the bike to you, but also you to the bike, a much more multi-faceted approach.

Developed in conjunction with Dr Andy Pruitt, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading cycle-biomechanists, the Body Geometry Fit system offers instant performance advantages, allowing you to ride harder and faster for longer.  This system is utilised by recreational, competitive and elite level athletes and have helped some of the world’s top cyclists and triathletes achieve their goals; whether it is improving on the bike comfort, helping recover from long-term injury or just purely aiding in your ability to win a bunch sprint, a correct fitting is as important as the bike itself.

Our combined Bike Fit and Postural Assessment sessions cost £130 and we would advise customers to allow 3 hours for completion.

To book please email or call 01707 331373


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