Felt Bicycles

“At Felt, our mission remains as it’s been since the beginning: to design, develop, and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.”

Since humble beginnings in the American Midwest in the 1980′s, Felt Bicycles have risen to become one of the world’s largest Bicycle producers whilst also carving out a niche for unparalleled success in the field of Bicycle Aerodynamics.  Felt bicycles have carried everything from Olympic mountain bike athletes to record breaking performances at Kona Ironman, from the sprints of the grand tours, to the Cyclocross worlds.

Kinetic Cycles carry a broad range of Felt bicycles including the much celebrated AR (Aero Road) and as an FRD dealer will be one of a select few dealers in the UK to be able to offer the eagerly anticipated IA Triathlon bike (due April 2014).

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