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“More than a decade of insistent innovation and cutting edge development. Bike test awards and rave reviews on an annual basis. Something we’re very proud of here at Whyte and the reason you’ll never find us resting on our laurels.”

“Pushing the accepted performance limits is our constant goal and having a small and streamlined design team makes us fast on our feet and uniquely responsive to rider demands and new technological opportunities. It means we build the bikes we all want to ride, not the ones accountants and marketing departments would tell us to.
So while our 2019 line is the biggest Whyte family ever we’ve lost none of that crucial focus. Our bikes still handle better, last longer and cope with the UK’s uniquely challenging riding demands more easily than any others. It’s just that now, even more riders like you – and like us – can find their perfect bike in our range.

From the first radical, ultra-smooth PRST-1 through the multi-award winning, long-travel 46 to the current benchmark T-130, S-150 and G-170 models, we’ve never listened to market analysts or accountants – just riders. Riders like you. The bearings are warranted for life in the wettest UK conditions. Our component choices are proved and perfected by lapping Cwm Carn day after day. Our massive mud clearances are calibrated so that wheels will still go round as the Malverns becomes a mire for the fifth year running.”

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Large T-130 Works Demo Bike Available

Large S-120 CRS Demo Bike Available
Medium S-150 CRS Demo Bike Available