Yeti Arc

Yeti Cycles was established in 1985 before mountain biking was even considered an industry. Back then, mountain biking was all about getting outside, having fun, and going fast. As more people discovered the thrill of riding mountain bikes, they also discovered the thrill of competition. Riding was fun, but it was really fun when you beat your buddy to the top of the hill. It was in that vein that mountain bike racing took shape.

When racing hit its stride in Southern California, yeti quickly found a cult-like following among the fastest racers in the country. Racers became the backbone of product development efforts and soon the factory was outpacing the biggest companies with cutting-edge race specific designs.

Since the early days of Yeti Cycles the brand has been driven to produce the best products for riders and racers the World over. Innovation and cutting edge design is still at the heart of the company as is their passion for racing with their full World Cup level team competing all over the world and adding more titles and medals to the ever growing cabinets. Their cult following has turned into an organised group of fans called the Yeti Tribe who regularly meet to talk about all things Yeti and people take pride in riding the iconic brand.

Yeti’s goal is simple. They want to make bikes that are well engineered and masterfully crafted. They are still the same company they were back in the day. Small, passionate, independent and proud.

Large ARC Carbon 29er Demo Bike Available

Large SB95 Carbon Demo Bike Available

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